UV sets

Genesis3 Base Male and Female UV sets for use with Texture Atlas plugin for DAZ Studio.

Brief instructions of use:

  1. Download the archive above, there are two files inside
  2. Put “Base Male Atlas.dsf” into <your Content>/data/DAZ 3D/Genesis 3/Male/UV Sets/DAZ 3D/Base directory (near Base Male.dsf)
  3. Put “Base Female Atlas.dsf” into <your Content>/data/DAZ 3D/Genesis 3/Female/UV Sets/DAZ 3D/Base directory (near Base Female.dsf)
  4. Restart DAZ Studio
  5. Load your Genesis3-based character (it must be based on “base” UV set)
  6. Select all surfaces and switch UV map to “Base Male Atlas” or “Base Female Atlas”
  7. Use Texture Atlas dialog as it intended to
  8. Save your new character with new UVs and textures