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Olga arrives at Fleet flagship HQ on asteroid Megryan.



  • Megryan Tower - navigation command center
  • Astra-2 - independent freighter
  • Megryan hibernation terminal


Shots breakdown Movie is made of 31 shots, mostly rendered in iRay. Space scenes originally were rendered in 3delight but then some of them were converted to iRay too (for example, the scene where Astra-2 start engines to accelerate). Some shots required compositing multiple layers like where ID is scanned from Olga's face but mostly the shots were rendered straight-off, color and contrast correction were made in AviSynth.

Soundtrack breakdown Audio was made in Audacity with as main source of background sounds like doors, machinery, beeps and chugs. Effects mostly were used to simulate radio comm link and to accent the motion of characters.

Everything was assembled into the movie by single AviSynth script and first rendered in raw uncompressed AVI by VideoDub to be later converted to MP4 and OGV formats required to publish videos for HTML5-compatible browsers.